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Alliance for Health Economic and Agriculture Development
6220 30th Street NW   Washington DC 20015
Tel: 202 686-8898   Fax: 202 244-0698  
Email: ScDBa@aol.com


About the Alliance:  The Alliance is an informal organization whose purpose is to educate, stimulate, and facilitate discussions with and between public health advocates, growers, the scientific community, tobacco manufacturers, consumers, pharmaceutical and biotech interests about a spectrum of issues related to the production, processing, manufacture, distribution, labeling, marketing and use of tobacco and tobacco products. The Alliance is an outgrowth of the Southern Tobacco Communities Project established in the mid-1990's that brought the public health community and growers together to engage in a civil dialogue about tobacco.  That dialogue led to the issuance of a set of Core Principles in 1998 and the presidential commission report, Tobacco at a Crossroad in May 2001. The Steering Committee members serve as individuals, each of whom has significant experience in dealing with tobacco related issues.